Visual Merchandising for Indian Craftsmen

Visual Merchandising for Indian Craftsmen

Facing an influx of competing global brands on their home turf, Indian Craftsmen need a visual Merchandising to be shortlisted on their bullets.Extensive research reflects a deep understanding of the target customer with craftsmanship, quality and authenticity at its core. The resulting refresh is a cohesive point of view that consistently focuses on inspiration, education and service across the portfolio of shop-in-shops, mall stores and flagships that will accelerate the luxury business for Indian Craftsmen.

As a Visual Merchandiser, Indian Craftsmen will help to create the customer’s first impression. The keypoints will require creativity and urgency in setting up the Indian crafts merchandise rotations and displays, mannequin presentation and large shop window changes. A luxury background is a plus. To establish a Visual Merchandising for Indian Craftsmen one needs to have a natural finesse for color, balance and composition, and a “Passion for Indian Craftsmanship” .

Purpose :
●To attract ,engage, motivate the customers towards making a purchase.
●Both goods and services can be displayed to highlight their features and benefits
●Using styling as a tool to accelerate Indian Craftsmen business
●Create Proactive self-starter

Craftsmen business

Principles of visual merchandising
●Make it easier for the customer to locate the desired category and merchandise
●Make it easier to self select
●Make it possible to coordinate and accessorize
●Educate about the product in an effective and creative way
●Make proper arrangements in such a way to increase the sale of unsought goods

Importance of visual merchandising
●Purposes are to sell products and promote Indian crafts image
●To be different, new, and creative
●Change a “passive looker” into an “active buyer”
●Enhances brand image
●Generates impulse sales
●Overall business image

Errors to avoid in visual merchandising
●Too much signage
●Confusing traffic patterns
●Too much propping
●Disconnection between exterior window and store contents
●Poor lighting
●No point of view
●Inconsistency in visual executions

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