The Homemakers : “Good Earth”

The Homemakers “Good Earth”

Years ago, Anita Lal opened a beautiful, tiny homeware shop called Good Earth in South Bombay with absolutely no business knowledge or experience. What began as a passion project for a housewife who simply wanted to sell beautiful things has since grown into a fabulous and formidable global brand that boasts gorgeous shops in four different Indian cities.

Good Earth stores are veritable treasure troves teeming with sumptuous bedding, giant silk pillows, glowing lanterns, elegant and sometimes eclectic furniture, inspired dinnerware and just about everything everyone ever want at home.

Good Earth stores

Good Earth’s first store at Kemp’s Corner has shut; due to overwhelming demand it moved into a cavernous, two-story building in Mumbai’s Lower Parel. It’s been an uphill battle for the company but the ascension was hard-won and well-deserved. After years of navigating the trials and tribulations of running the business, she’s recently passed the reigns of CEO to her daughter Simran and now proudly wears the mantle of Creative Head.

the luxury retail store

Initially it was just Bombay and Delhi, the expansion only took place five years ago. The first 10 years Good Earth didn’t expand, they were just keeping their heads above water, figuring things out.Later, Good Earth decided to expand because the economy opened up, people seemed to have more money, suddenly customers could afford a lot more and sales were up.
Intricate traditional patterns in vivid colours, new designs bearing ancient craftwork are the products of Good Earth, the luxury retail store, bearing a trademark that speaks of diverse cultures and histories of different regions.Today, it has nine outlets across Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad, and an international presence with two stores in Singapore and one in Turkey’s capital, Ankara.

Good Earth houses the modern yet baroque. Feast upon shades of rubies and emeralds in snack bowls and mosaic trays, lavish fish shaped curios and patterned jewellery boxes. Fragrant candles, dainty flower shaped diyas resting atop a fine veined leaf, suave visiting card holders and a multitude of accessories like napkin rings, photo frames and mirrors with unconventional trimmings jostle for attention as you shop for experimental knick knacks to liven up your home décor with Good Earth.

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