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Talking Indian Roots - Isha Craft

Isha Craft, a labor of love, is an offshoot of the project ‘Action for Rural Rejuvenation’. Its focus is on providing an expression to the natural creative instincts of rural people and restoring Indian traditions and crafts as a means of earning a living.

This creative initiative brings the beauty of craft to our lives, and the hope of renewal to rural people. The proceeds from Isha Craft are channeled to the welfare of rural communities. Specifically, they fund the operational costs of the Mobile Health Clinics in rural areas of south India.

The craft initiative at Isha is exceptional. Setting highest standards for handmade products, creating new hybrid crafts merging stone and metal, wood and stone, fabric and design, Isha Craft showcases top-notch quality of hand-work that in the past had given Indian craft a legendary status in the world markets. Isha Craft shows that quality is possible and can be made integral to the creative process.

Started with a team of just two workers, Isha Craft has grown into a strong team of fifty highly skilled men and women from the villages surrounding Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore, India, all producing eco-friendly quality craft products. The untapped, inherent creative manual art skills of these rural artisans have been skillfully mobilized by the Isha design team to create contemporary home decor, utility and fashion products backed by the Indian crafts.

Made from locally sourced, natural materials, the product range includes eco-friendly decorative baskets, all-purpose trays, lamps, mats and fashionable cotton and jute handbags. Each of these products confirms how natural, biodegradable materials can be skillfully converted into attractive design products with a trendy ethical appeal. Unique stone sculptures, urlis and metal crafts out of scrap are top picks for interior designers and homemakers alike.

Isha Craft has held exhibitions showcasing its products in major Indian metros. These have received wonderful reviews from both, professional designers and consumers, with the Isha Craft stall winning the Best Stall Prize at the 2006 famed Society Interiors Arts and Crafts Exhibition in Chennai, India.

Arts and Crafts

To meet the growing demand for its eco-friendly products, Isha Craft now plans to expand its production by further training rural people in over 2000 villages in Tamil Nadu.

The luxury business of crafts of India is linked with one firm belief that our future lies purely in a deeper understanding of our past. The lessons of the past need to be constantly and continuously revitalised through modern technology and communication, to create new products, rituals and philosophies that match the needs of our contemporary age and are relevant to our youth.

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