Rethinking Luxury Retail in Emerging Markets

The luxury industry is trying to create value by moving forward in small steps. However, being successful in today’s changing landscape requires shaking up some preconceived notions. For instance, we need to update our estimates of the sheer size of emerging markets in terms of not only the geographical spread but also the size of the population. What this means from a marketing and sales perspective is that ‘there are a lot of needles (millionaires) and a lot of hay (geographical spread)’. To be successful in these markets, we need to learn ‘to search for needles in a... Read More

India First For Indian Brands


Indian brands should prioritize building brand awareness at home, before looking to expand internationally, thereby increasing their probability of success. Which known foreign brand has successfully gone global -with more than a symbolic international presence- without first being able to rely on its domestic market?

A whole number of brands should be able to prosper, capitalizing on the boom of the middle class in India and a more mature perception of luxury from the market, before venturing abroad.

India has a domestic market and demand that is worth millions. A larger proportion of disposable income... Read More

The British Spa Arrives in India

british Spa in India

British brand ILA has just opened its first standalone spa at Raas in Jodhpur, an enchanting boutique hotel converted from an 18th-century haveli set within the ancient city walls, in sight of the magnificent Mehrangarh Fort.

India's retail beauty and cosmetics industry, currently is estimated at $950 million according to experts. India's cosmetics market is reportedly growing at 15-20 per cent annually, twice as fast as that of the US and European markets. Demand for skin whitening products by men as well as women, is driving the trend but other beauty products are not far behind. The... Read More

Give Wings to Enamel

The traditional art of "kundan meena", or enameling on 22 carat gold, is having something of a renaissance in the hands of Sunita Shekhawat, a Rajastan jeweller determined to create quality Indian jewels richly decorated with enamel designs. She has taken a fresh approach to the traditional art of kundan meena and is inspired by Rajastan and its colours as well as Mughal influences.Enamelling is one of those old-fashioned crafts, that on the whole, has gone the way of lace-making or miniature painting - there simply isn't much room for it in our lives. Its value is not in... Read More

Luxury Innovations in Airlines


In the early days of recreational travel, flying to some far-flung destination was a glamorous activity in itself . For our generation of holidaymaker, so accustomed to travelling by plane and the delays and lengthy security-control procedures that go with it, that's not quite the case anymore. But perhaps the tide is turning. With a number of premium travel companies introducing innovative in-flight experiences, frequent fliers could soon find the journey to their destination as memorable and special as the time they spend there.

The Indian charter services market is ranked 18th in the world and is... Read More

Can Fashion Bring Social Change in India?

Mr rahul mishra

"BoF columnist Bandana Tewari speaks to Rahul Mishra on the eve of his first Paris show and argues that India must weave a Gandhian sense of social responsibility into its fashion industry."

MUMBAI, India — When I asked Rahul Mishra what, in addition to his creativity, made him the top pick for the jurors of this year’s International Woolmark Prize, he said perhaps they were touched by the Gandhian bent to his design philosophy.

“Before you do anything, stop and recall the face of the poorest most helpless destitute person you have seen and ask... Read More

Trilok Gurtu: Embracing the World With an Indian Heartbeat

Trilok Gurtu - Renowned Percussionist

It was the American trumpeter, Don Cherry who, in the first half of the 1970s, encouraged this young percussionist, freshly arrived in Europe from his homeland of India, to pursue his vision of an intuitive music which is open to the world and embraces the world.

A truly world-class virtuoso percussionist, Trilok Gurtu, was born in Mumbai in 1951. With the Tabla as his first instrument, Gurtu has gone on to become one of the finest in the world of percussion.
Even more remarkable is the way he has made jazz his own domain. Drawing deep... Read More

A Synonym to Indian Luxury Biking – Rajputana Customs


Rajputana Customs is a Jaipur based group of craftsmen building custom motorcycles on order basis. It was started by Vijay Singh in the year 2010. They are known for building chopper bikes from scratch as well as modify existing motorcycles. Rajputana Customs had showcased their first build, the ‘Original Gangster’ at the New Delhi Auto Expo in 2010, where their work got an overwhelming response and they started taking orders to build bikes for customers. Their focus is to produce exclusively designed motorcycles with great detailing and enhanced performance. In 4 short years Rajputana Customs has made 16 custom motorcycles which have earned... Read More

Jewelry & Gems



Market: The domestic Gems and jewellery industry had a market size of Rs 251,000 crore (US$ 41.53 billion) in 2013, with potential to touch Rs 500,000-530,000 crore (US$ 82.75-87.71 billion) by 2018, as per the FICCI-AT Kearney study 'All that glitters is Gold: India Jewellery Review 2013'.

Road Ahead: Exports from the Gems and jewellery industry could touch US$ 58 billion by 2015, as per a joint report by Technopak and an industry body. The report estimates that the value of the domestic market for gems and jewellery will be around US$ 35-40 billion by then. Further,... Read More

The Luxury in Fashion-“Raghavendra Rathore”



Raghavendra Rathore, alternatively Raghuvendra Rathore, is a noted fashion designer, costume designer, and entrepreneur from India. He is popular for his Brand India image which copyrighted his designs for Bandgala Jackets and Jodhpurs.He is also known for diversifying his business into interior design, jewelry, and multimedia. The luxurious and oppulent inspirations from the city, Jodhpur embody the ethos and grandeur of India's bygone era.

He studied in Jodhpur until the age of eight. After his school was bombed during the Indo-Pak war, he was sent off to the Mayo College boarding school in Ajmer, where he finished... Read More

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