India’s leading leather goods manufacturing company “Hidesign“

India’s leading leather goods manufacturing company “Hidesign“

Image Source : Indian Retailer


India’s leading leather goods manufacturing company “Hidesign“ has turned 35. For a Princeton graduate with a PhD from the University of Denver, who stumbled upon the Hidesign idea while simply exploring a leather-crafting hobby, Kapur has single-handedly built the brand from a one-artisan workshop to a 3,000-strong company that has made its presence felt internationally and invited investment from Louis Vuitton.

The brand eventually became successful and outlets like Selfridges also bought their products. Hidesign thought differently, became more professional and built a factory. But they could only get directly in touch with their consumers when they started their store in India in 2000. That’s when they started seeing Indians buy their products and relate to them. That changed the nature of the business. They became far more conscious of different parameters, the consumers and what they wanted.

Over the last 35 years, what have become the cornerstones of the brand? When asked to Mr. Dilip Kapur, the answer was ,”I love the naturalness, warmth and feel of leather. Not hiding that is a big part of what we do. Our ecological values drive us and continue to remain important to us. We still use huge amounts of vegetable tanning, probably more than any other brand in the world. And, we are among the last few big companies in the world that don’t have assembly-line production. Every bag is individually hand-crafted by small groups of people. Those three things define the DNA of the company. That’s what gives our bags soul.”

To propel the company into the next 35 years the company’s plan is to grow almost three times bigger than they are today. Also, it’s a part of their natural progression to diversify into footwear as a lifestyle brand. They’ll only be making shoes that have leather on the outside and inside.



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