Give Wings to Enamel

The traditional art of "kundan meena", or enameling on 22 carat gold, is having something of a renaissance in the hands of Sunita Shekhawat, a Rajastan jeweller determined to create quality Indian jewels richly decorated with enamel designs. She has taken a fresh approach to the traditional art of kundan meena and is inspired by Rajastan and its colours as well as Mughal influences.Enamelling is one of those old-fashioned crafts, that on the whole, has gone the way of lace-making or miniature painting – there simply isn't much room for it in our lives. Its value is not in carats or precious metals alone but the slow art of the enamellist, a rare skill easily overlooked in the world of the high-voltage celebrity diamond.

"Sunita Shekhawat is one of the ace jewellery designers in Jaipur. She designs her signature jewellery under the label ‘Midas’. She designs exclusive high end bridal jewellery in Kundan Meena, Jadau, Polki Diamonds and Precious Stones such as Emeralds and Rubies. She specializes in exclusive jewellery designs predominantly for the royalties and have clientele from Bollywood and Top notch business families.

She has done a certification in Gemology and Masters in History of Art and Culture. She has been awarded The Best Female Entrepreneur at JJS & Gold Souk Awards 2008, Best Female Entrepreneur by IWEC 2010 (International Women Enterpreneurial Competition) Award by Chamber of Cape Town & Manhattan, Bhaskar Woman of the year Award, Best Participant at JJS 2010 (Jaipur Jewellery Show) & recently honored with "Swarovski – Best Design Appreciation Award 2012"."


“The karigars  working with her are very skilled but erratic so I  have to spend a lot of time with them,” explains Sunita who started working with the bazaar artisans 17 years ago. “It is very difficult to be a woman in this male-dominated industry. At first the karigars would not take orders from a woman.” Making jewels for herself started out as a hobby and grew into a business. Each piece takes over a month to make and could involve an intricate web of to and fro-ing between some 45 different craftsmen.

Pearls to her is a serene, mesmerizing and the true ambassador for elegance, pearls have always been considered as a symbol of class and good taste. The iridescence and glow created by pearls is unmatched and this is the reason why they have always been the most favourite with the royal families and celebrities. The Midas collection by Sunita shekawat evokes the elegance and beauty of this exquisite gem with timeless jewellery pieces that you would always love to adorn.

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