Baarique : Tableware inspired by Indian Handicraft

A trip to Ladakh in 2013 forever changed the way graphic designers and friends, Malika Budhiraj and Surkhi Matharu looked at utensils. While devouring a delicious Kashmiri meal in the hills, they were surprised by the unattractiveness of the plates they were eating from.
Their love for food, design, and detail led them on a mission to make the presentation of Indian food more colourful.

“It’s tricky to train artists because our designs are too fine and intricate, but the process of watching our illustrations being re-created on metalware is a true delight. We are also thrilled about giving these artisans work on a regular basis,” says Budhiraj. Their designs are their own, but sometimes they borrow influences from Indian arts such as Phulkari, depending on the food and the restaurant in context. “We are also trying to bring back ‘gold’ as a colour for tableware through the use of brass,” she adds. This India-inspired brand currently supplies tableware to restaurants such as The Bombay Canteen in Mumbai, and the Made In Punjab chain in Delhi.

Driven by the desire to create beautiful and exclusive products, they established Baarique. Their designs are influenced by Indian culture, art and music with the intention of creating unique pieces of art. The utensils are specifically chosen from the traditional metalsmiths of Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. They are adorned with intricate artwork re-created by painters from their [Malika Budhiraj and Surkhi Matharu] original hand-drawn designs. Baarique offers a unique collection of hand painted traditional utensils, some of which are as attached

Kansa has been used for generations for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It promotes healthy red blood cell development, prevents gastric ailments, diabetes and skin disorders. It regulates thyroid gland functioning and strengthens bones.

collection of hand painted traditional utensils

Image source : Baarique

Copper utensils are known to balance acidity, normalize digestion and assists the immune system. It flushes out toxins, prevent asthma, purifies blood and promotes healthy skin.

Copper utensils

Image source : Baarique

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