Ayurvastra- A Luxurious Herbal Couture for Improving Health

Ayurvastra- A Luxurious Herbal Couture for Improving Health

Ayurvastra is a new luxury initiative aimed at creating a niche for the eco-friendly handloom fabric.

For the textile industry, which faces doom because of the compulsions of liberalised market policies, Ayurvastra is an opportunity to regain its glory. Apart from the medicinal benefits that the fabric boasts of, its USP as an eco-friendly product could help the handloom industry cast an eye on the global market too.

Globally, many countries have been enforcing a ban on textiles that are coloured using chemical dyes. This had been a body blow to the handloom industry. At the same time, for ayurvastra , textiles dyed using natural vegetable dyes, especially medicinal plants, have been commanding a huge market.

Ayurvastra is a branch of Ayurveda, the ancient 5,000 year old Indian system of Vedic healthcare. Loosely translated, “Ayur” is Sanskrit for health, and “Vastra” is clothing, therefore Ayurvastra means Healthy Fabrics.

“Ayurvastra” is based on the Ayurvedic principle that regular contact with a cloth made from the yarns infused with organic herbs and medicinal plant extracts will relieve metabolic disorders and thread a new line of healthy living.

By coming in contact with Ayurvastra, the body loses toxins and its metabolism is enhanced. The most effective time to wear Ayurvastra clothing is when the body is most at rest such as during sleep or meditating because this is when the body is naturally healing and re-establishing its balance. This is why Ayurvastra cloth is often used as sleepwear, bed sheets, towels, meditation clothes and coir mats.

Ayurvastra Fabrics are made using natural fibers like cotton, silk, wool, coir, linen, hemp banana, nettle, bamboo etc. Organic cotton is cultivated without chemical pesticides and fertilizers in order to make it useful for the purpose of ayurvastra.

Ayurvastra fabrics are 100% free from toxic and artificial chemicals as they are dyed using medicinal herbs and plants available abundantly in south India. The dyeing method protects the environment too.

The Ayurvastra fabrics are infused in ayurvedic medicinal solutions, their properties are permanently encapsulated to the fabrics and have numerous health benefits .

Ayurvastra technology, backed by marketing, could save traditional industries such as coir and handloom also.

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Image Source: Vastra


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