Global Fixation with Indian Handicrafts

Global Fixation with Indian Handicrafts
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The story of Indian handicrafts dates back to one of the oldest civilizations of the world. Representing beauty, dignity, form and style, handicrafts from India are objets d'art. The sheer versatility of the various materials used to create handcrafted gift items make them truly unique. Materials range from wood, stone, metal, grass, paper  mache and glass, to cane bamboo, textiles, clay, terracotta and ceramic - everything goes into the creation of a masterpiece.


Today, handicrafts and handcrafted gift items manufactured and exported from India are much sought after... Read More

India’s leading leather goods manufacturing company “Hidesign“

India’s leading leather goods manufacturing company “Hidesign“

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India’s leading leather goods manufacturing company “Hidesign“ has turned 35. For a Princeton graduate with a PhD from the University of Denver, who stumbled upon the Hidesign idea while simply exploring a leather-crafting hobby, Kapur has single-handedly built the brand from a one-artisan workshop to a 3,000-strong company that has made its presence felt internationally and invited investment from Louis Vuitton.

The brand eventually became successful and outlets like Selfridges also bought their products. Hidesign thought differently, became more professional and built a factory. But they could only get... Read More

Indian Luxury Wedding Business

Umaid Bhavan, Jodhpur

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With the ongoing wedding season, one can’t help but notice that the Indian wedding industry is a huge one. In an Indian wedding, everyone just spends and does not think of returns. Every manufacturer and retailer involved with marriage related goods eagerly awaits the season to push business. With each passing decade, the Indian weddings are getting luxurious. Three decades ago people hardly thought about the lavish wedding function that has now become a trend and may be a compulsion. However, no one’s complaining; at least not the retailers and associated players... Read More

Crafting Luxury and Lifestyle Business


Today luxury businesses have to operate in an increasingly complex environment managing the online migration, shift to emerging markets, search for meaning, creation of value and maintaining the desire for the exceptional. They have to respond to social concerns and pitch a sense of tradition.

In a digital era, ’handmade’ has acquired significance more than ever and is seen as a ‘de facto’ requirement for superior value and luxury.

Globally, emerging markets are likely to represent a major share of growth in luxury market. India has a rich living tradition of crafts and skills which has... Read More

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