“A Walk through Bombay dining in London’s King’s Cross”

A swish Bombay brasserie in the style of the old post-colonial ‘Irani cafés’ of Bombay, Dishoom is filled with retro design features: whirring ceiling fans, low-level lighting and walls adorned with vintage Indian magazine advertisements. It is based in London’s King’s Cross where it blends bombay dining with Indian railway warehouse culture. They’ve got the look right with all of the dishes from traditional Indian grills and curries to Bombay street snacks.
Dishoom, founded in 2010 by Shamil and Kavi Thakrar, and Amar and Adarsh Radia, has pleased London diners with its modern Indian aesthetics reflecting Indian craft, antiquity and luxury. Here is an insight to the Dishoom Restaurant which serves a slice of Indian history in London.

Dishoom portrays mid 20th-century India at its luxurious restaurant in London.

The royal restaurant is based on godowns or warehouses in Indian cities like the Mumbai Victoria station.

The cavernous space has been best utilised by breaking it up into a series of levels that create over 830 square metres of serving and dining space, for up to 250 covers.

The architecture aims to recreate the atmosphere of a warehouse and to continue the legacy of the handful of cafes that remain in Mumbai, India. The new horizontal steelwork bridging, the old structure and the Indian crafted platform increases the elegance and provides the framework for suspended lights.

The tile patterns taken from references in Mumbai are laid across the entrance level, where a book kiosk from the city’s main rail terminus has been replicated.

Source : Dezeen


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