A Reflection of Handloom Industry In India

A Reflection of Handloom Industry In India

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Handloom is unparalleled in its flexibility and versatility, permitting experimentation and encouraging innovations. The strength of Handloom lies in the introducing innovative designs, which cannot be replicated by the Power loom sector. Thus, Handloom forms a part of the heritage of India and exemplifies the richness and diversity of our country and the artistry of the weavers. The Handloom sector plays a very important role in the country’s economy. It is one of the largest economic activities providing direct employment to over 65 lakhs persons engaged in weaving and allied activities.This sector contributes nearly 19% of the total cloth produced in the country and also adds substantially to export earnings.


Along with the artistry of weavers, the Indian handloom industry demonstrates the richness and diversity of Indian culture. The sector, which employs about 4.3 million people, is the second-largest employment provider for the rural population in India after agriculture. The sector accounts for around 15 per cent of the total cloth produced in the country (excluding wool, silk and yarn) and has the largest infrastructure with 2.3 million weaving looms. The total handloom cloth production in India reached 6.9 billion sq m in 2012–13, up from 6.6 billion sq m in 2008–09. The country supplies 95 per cent of world demand for hand woven fabric.The Indian textiles industry accounts for about 24 per cent of the world's spindle capacity and eight per cent of global rotor capacity. The potential size of the Indian textiles and apparel industry is expected to reach US$ 223 billion by 2021, according to a report by Technopak Advisors.


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Domestic Industry

  • Arunachal Pradesh – Weaving, Cane & Bamboo work,Carpet Making,Ornaments

  • Goa – Pottery,Terracotta, fiber craft,brass metal work

  • Rajasthan – Antiquettes, Pottery, Furniture,Leather ware

  • Jammu & Kashmir – Textile Work,Wood Carving, Paper Mache.

Key Markets and Export Destinations

  • The export of handloom products increased from US$ 435.38 million in 2011–12 to US$ 466.59 million in 2012-13, registering a growth of around 7.16 per cent

  • The US, the UK, Germany, Australia and Italy are the major importers of Indian handloom products
  • France, Belgium, UAE, Netherlands and Canada are some of the other export destinations for Indian handloom products. The US accounts for around 45 per cent of total exports of Indian handloom products

  • Some of the leading international players that import Indian handloom products include IKEA, Wal-Mart, Target Corporation, Habitat and Town and Country Linen

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