A Mould of Indian Pottery : Saundhi Mitti

A Mould of Indian Pottery-Saundhi Mitti

India has a bunch of extremely passionate potters who believe that Studio Pottery is India’s best kept secret at Saundhi Mitti. There is a tremendous amount of experimentation and innovation happening in this space, but people by and large are unaware of it. From a utilitarian craft, pottery has become a thriving field of art, led not by artisans but individual studio potters and ceramic artists and designers.
When you enter into this space, you will be overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of pottery. With the amount of low-grade, low-quality pottery available in Indian streets and bazaars, most people have no clue what real pottery is. And the idea of Saundhi Mitti is born from this very concept.

“Saundhi Mitti” is India’s first online pottery market that sells unique contemporary pieces in ceramic ware. It has gained popularity because of Ruchira Bhatia’s (founder) passion for pottery. She has created a platform for potters across India to showcase and sell their pieces to a wider audience.

Saundhi Mitti brings together some of India’s best studio potters and the end consumer, who remains their ultimate muse. The pieces available with them are made using the finest clays and glazes and the latest techniques in pottery. Each piece is unique and impossible to replicate again. In pottery, as in life, sometimes the most beautiful pieces are created through accidents, as believed by Ruchira Bhatia (founder).


To make a pottery piece, the artist first throws wet, wedged (kneaded) clay on a wheel, builds a form by hand, or uses a variety of shaping methods such as casting, moulding, etc. Once it dries, it is trimmed and painted, if required, and then fired in a kiln to a very high temperature (above 1000 degrees Celsius) to remove all the moisture. Next, it is glazed, which means a coating of glaze (metal oxides, silica, alumina, etc) is applied and another round of high-temperature firing is done in the kiln. Glazing and Firing are fascinating sciences and one of the most intriguing facets of pottery. They are essential both for function and beauty. By the end of this process, the pottery piece is ready to beautify the world with its exquisite appearance.
Source : Saundhi Mitti Junglee


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