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Image Courtesy : i Decorama
Reposted from: i Decorama Manasa Prithvi of Ira Studio expresses her strong affinity for traditional crafts and future plans, in an interview with NISHA SHUKLA Image Courtesy : i Decorama Interior product designer Manasa Prithvi had a strong inclination for art, craft and design from early on. Passionate about her roots – India, Manasa grew up surrounded by the rich heritage of Indian crafts and arts, developing a deep appreciation for their unparalleled creativity and indigenous nature. With a view of reviving the traditional crafts which are slowly dwindling and becoming victims of cheap imitations, Prithvi decided to set up her own practice –... Read More


Image Courtesy: Verve Magazine
Reposted from: Verve Magazine These are the artistic techniques luxury watch brands are using to adorn exquisite dials Historically, for the most part, watchmakers have been perceived primarily as mechanical engineers and technical experts. Without doubt, watchmaking is an art in itself; one that involves patience, precision and refined skill. In the recent years, though, artisanal dexterity has played a noticeably greater role in the creation of timekeepers, particularly in the adornment of watch faces and dials. From embroidery to engraving, crafts are making a major comeback in the horological universe, and we couldn’t be more pleased to witness the efforts... Read More

How small labels are reviving handspun khadi to traditional prints

On Independence Day, we see how small labels are reviving our dying techniques: from handspun khadi to traditional prints. (Illustration: Malay Karmakar)
Reposted from Hindustan Times They operate online and use social media as catalogues. They work with weavers from Bihar, and block-printers from Charni Road. Meet the new face of affordable Indian handloom and prints. The new online label, Seventeen05, did not start off as a body-type inclusive label. Creator Roxan Irani’s (33) agenda was actually to make something contemporary using the traditional block print technique. She asked her friend, Radhika Chaturvedi Kaushik (34), to try out a few samples. Serendipitously, the cuts worked on a curvy body, and the public relations consultant ended up modelling for the website. Most budding designers now... Read More

In a world of diminishing resources, modular construction proves its worth

Photo courtesy of Galerie Torri
Reposted from: Frameweb TECHNOLOGY – Suitable for everything from fashion to furniture, modular systems meet the needs of both designer and user. Plug-and-play creations based on a modular assembly method are resourceful examples of simplicity in design. Instantly interchangeable parts prompt makers to push their ideas further while generating less waste. Consumers, too, benefit from sustainable ways of building and using products whose parts can be replaced easily. In some cases, going modular can even bring outdated aesthetics back into vogue. Photo courtesy of Galerie Torri Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp graduate Emmanuel A. Ryngaertexplores stitch-free attire with his... Read More

How Two Women Are Changing The Face Of Fashion

Maki Oh Fall 2016 launch party at McMullen, photo by Sabrina Bot
Reposted from: Forbes Sherri McMullen and Amaka "Maki" Osakwe first made contact through Instagram—McMullen had noticed Osakwe's line, Maki Oh in a New York showroom, then sought out her designs through the social media app. It would years before they connected, but worth the wait, says McMullen. McMullen Boutique is located in a residential area of Piedmont, California, next door to an ACE hardwware and across the street from a synagogue. It's perhaps an unlikely spot to find coveted luxury fashion brands like Carven, Edun, Ryan Roche and Tibi. But... Read More

Indian artisanal traditions meet contemporary, international design in Casegoods

Samuel Barclay and Anne Geenen of Case Design and Casegoods. || Image source: ArchitecturalDigest

Reposted from: ArchitecturalDigest

Mumbai-based studio Case Design has applied its architectural expertise to product design, the result of which is Casegoods—a sophisticated collection of furniture, lights and accessories

Image source: ArchitecturalDigest A creative eye and curious spirit brought a young American architecture student to Mumbai over a decade ago. The wide-eyed student was Samuel Barclay whom Bijoy Jain, one of India’s most celebrated architects, took under his wing. Fast-forward to 11 years later and Barclay, with a dynamic international team of designers and architects, runs Case Design—a successful architectural practice that ties together his core belief in high-quality, sustainable design. ... Read More


Image Source: Verve
Reposted from: Verve Indian ready-to-wear is riding the wave of sustainability that is replacing flamboyance with sense and sensibility Last year, handlooms witnessed a great revival both on and off ramps and became a major talking point in the Indian fashion industry. The government’s efforts to make Benarasi weaves the fabric of the year contributed to a growing consciousness too. Ecological practices have been steering the fashion industry towards a greener environment. And while one-off initiatives are a boost, there are some designers who are shaking things up at the very core by opting for the sustainable route right at the... Read More

Sustainable Yoga Mat Company, Manduka, Celebrates Their First Year In Apparel

Courtesy of Manduka
Reposted from :   Twenty years ago, Peter Sterios, an architect turned yogi, couldn’t find a yoga mat that provided him with a firm grip and ample support. So he designed one himself and it revolutionized his yoga practice. To pay it forward to several of the yoga instructors that taught and inspired him, Sterios sent his yoga mat as a gift to Erich Schiffmann, Rod Stryker, Angela Farmer, Victor Van Kooten, Rodney Yee, and Shiva Rea. And in classic yoga tradition, each one of his teachers shared the mat with their students. In 1997, Manduka, a company designed for... Read More

Aneeth Arora on why upcycling is more than just a buzzword at Péro

Artisanal crafts, including embroidery, patchwork and applique, are used to upcycle vintage garments. | Image Source:
Reposted from: The limited-edition Stan Smith has been upcycled using Péro’s signature fabric trims | Image Source: From Pippi Longstocking to master French painter and botanist Pierre-Joseph Redouté’s watercolours of flowers—Péro by Aneeth Arora’s references are as whimsical as the detailing on her garments. You can expect anything from secret embroidered messages to appliqué hearts when it comes to the label’s aesthetic. Handmade crochet flowers from Forbidden Garden, Péro’s S/S ’17 collection, liven up the classic Stan Smiths | Image Source:   Péro’s upcycling story begins with Arora’s official travel companion—an old Ralph Lauren denim jacket. First, a few pins were tacked on, then... Read More

Meet The Indian Women Who Are Reviving The Sari

Young Indian women wearing hand-woven saris in different styles. Photo courtesy of Taanbaan and the Sari School.
Reposted from : The sari, the most recognizable garment worn by women (and men) all across India, never really went away – but recently it's enjoying a strong and meaningful comeback. Malika Verma Kashyap, who runs Bangalore-based creative agency Border & Fall, is spearheading a movement called ‘The Sari Project’, an idea she’s been toying with for a few years. “It’s 5:30am,” says Kashyap, “I’m taking a flight, wearing a sari with a shirt and boots.” In December she ran a successful Kickstarter campaign, raising funds to create a short ‘How to Drape’ documentary film series on... Read More

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