GoCoop’s business model is connecting rural artisans to global buyers

GoCoop, founded by Siva Devireddy, was recently honoured by the Ministry of Textiles for its e-marketing of handloom products | Image: Selvaprakash Lakshmanan for Forbes India
Reposted from: Forbes India GoCoop is helping weavers get better prices for their products by providing a platform on which they can sell directly to local and global buyers

On October 31, 2011, Siva Devireddy quit his job as director of Accenture’s Innovation Center in Bengaluru to embark on a path for which he had been laying the ground for over two years. The very next day he assumed charge at his entrepreneurial venture—GoCoop Solutions Private Ltd—as its CEO and managing director. The company, incorporated in October that year, owns and operates an online... Read More

An Indo-Tibetan Sustainable Fashion Label in the Himalayas Promotes Zero Waste and Slow Fashion

Image source: The Better India
Reposted from: The Better India The Tibetan community has lived in India for decades and Dharamsala is the seat of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Yet, the community continues to remain in the sidelines, rarely emerging in mainstream media apart from stories of protests and activism. That’s what makes Tenor Sharlho so interesting — fashion designer, entrepreneur, crafts connoisseur, whose fledgling initiative in India is slowly but steadily grabbing attention.
Tenor is the founder of Sharlho, a sustainable label that interprets traditional Himalayan craftsmanship in contemporary designs and provides jobs to local artisans.
Image source: The Better India
 Tenor’s own... Read More

Methods of making: a Sarita Handa fabric in 7 steps

Image Source: Architectural Digest
Reposted from: Architectural Digest

For 25 years now, New Delhi-based luxury textile and embroidery brand Sarita Handa has been making homes beautiful—one stitch at a time

What do Pottery Barn, Julia Roberts-starrer Eat Pray Love, and Spanish clothing and accessories retailer Zara have in common? The answer might surprise you. They have all, at some point, used Sarita Handa’s delicate embroideries and luxury textiles. Founded in 1992, Sarita Handa Exports reflects its owner’s passion for art, craft and textiles. Handa valued Indian craftsmanship, but was aware of its problems: inconsistent quality and old-fashioned products. She realized that with some quality control... Read More


Image Source: Verve Magazine
Reposted from: Verve Magazine “It’s very important that design is driven by one’s soul and a deep-rooted understanding of materials” Chinar’s affair with design began in her childhood, when she started accompanying her mother to craft villages in India. She has a special place in her heart for traditional Rajasthani attire which shaped her understanding of design and played an important role in establishing her clothing and home textiles brand Injiri. Her products are an amalgamation of folk culture and the hard work of a talented team of karigars, a fact that she talks about to everyone she meets. She discusses... Read More

25-Year-Old Makes Paintings and Sculptures with Stunning Geometric Patterns Using Beeswax

Image Source: The Better India
Reported from: The Better India When 25-year-old artist, Bhagyashree Suthar grew bored of painting 2D with gouache (a method of painting using opaque pigments ground in water and thickened with a glue-like substance), she decided to turn to methods used by artists during the Renaissance.

Her debut solo exhibition, which opened in the Mumbai-based Akara art gallery, features stunning paintings and sculptures made with beeswax.

In her exhibition, Fractal Futures, one notices the way the paintings have height and depth; they are three-dimensional. The paintings depict futuristic architecture and feature intersecting bridges, geometric patterns, which appear like optical illusions. Bhagyashree is of... Read More

The iconic Indian architectural motif lives on

Sidi Saiyyed Ni Jaali, 1573 is known for its beautifully carved ten stone latticework jalis on the side and rear arches. Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons | Vrajesh Jani
Reposted from: Architectural Digest Divya Thakur writes about this ancient and iconic Indian architectural motif that is finding new favour in the hands of contemporary designers the world over Part veil, part wall, and part window, jalis are used to great sculptural scale and effect, their perforated forms—as both latticed partitions and chiselled structures—allowing light and ventilation, along with privacy. Their original purpose was to provide breathable visual barriers, but a new generation of designers is using them for shade, as windbreakers or simply decoration. Though the word ‘jali’ has its roots in Urdu, in India, the carving of apertures in repetitive... Read More

“India is an excellent place to create haute couture”

FASHION FORWARD | Lecoanet Hemant created 33 collections with the ultimate aim of transitioning from artisanal to semi-industrial LOVE
Reposted from: The Luxe Cafe An impressive exhibition ‘Paris, New Delhi: From Haute Couture to the Technologies of Elegance’ was held at Bikaner House, Delhi, where award-winning designers Hemant Sagar and Didier Lecoanet (the duo behind the brand Lecoanet Hemant) showcased their unique handmade work. The exhibition was held to mark 36 years of the ace designers Lecoanet and Hemant in the fashion industry. Through this unique exhibition, the designers aim to spread awareness about the need to invest in research and design that can be instrumental in placing India on the map for Global Fashion. The show demonstrates the intrinsic... Read More

Exploring the Languishing Craft of Mern Ni Chiapai

The art of Indian block print fabric is a labor-intensive, painstaking process that has survived since the ancient times owing to the beauty of the handmade products. Certain scraps of cloth found in the ruins of Mohenjo Daro, an ancient city of the Indus Valley Civilization, provide evidence that this type of fabric decoration was practiced in India as long ago as 3000 BCE. The art flourished in the 12th century under the patronage of the rajas. The 17th century saw its revitalization. To the present day, block printing of fabric by hand is an art practiced by Indian artisans... Read More

How two fashion industry veterans are redefining luxury for a new generation

Photo courtesy: 1 Atelier | A mini saddle bag made by 1 Atelier.
Reposted from: CNBC
The interlocking "L" and "V" imprinted on the leather of Louis Vuitton bags are instantly recognizable both to those who can afford to spend thousands of dollars on a handbag and to those who wish they could. For many, that recognition is the reason a Louis Vuitton handbag — or a Fendi or a Gucci or a Henri Bendel — is desirable. For years, it has been an assertion of status, achievement and wealth. With their bespoke handbag start-up 1 Atelier, two... Read More

These Indian Designers Are Showing the World That Fashion Can Be Eco-Friendly, Ethical & Sustainable


Reposted from: The Better India

Have you ever wondered where your outfits comes from? Are they made in factories or sweatshops? How much of the garments’ price make it to the artisans? And, what happens to discarded clothes? Clothing may be a basic need for human beings, but in the midst of a fast fashion culture, the industry has come to display serious consequences for the population and the planet.

As sustainable fashion offers a way out of the dilemma, offering clothing that is kind on our skin as much as the environment. And Indian... Read More

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