Can India produce a luxury beauty label?

India is known worldwide for its Ayurveda treatments. Photo: iStockphoto
Reposted From Live Mint Despite the Ayurveda lineage, local brands find it difficult to compete in a cluttered market Unlike cars, watches and wines, where luxury offerings are seen as significant social markers, beauty is harder to pin down. Flashing a gold D&G lipstick, however beautiful it is, for example, may not set you apart socially, though owning a gold Porsche car would.

Beauty is more democratic and accessible than its other lifestyle counterparts, including fragrances. But a true luxury consumer is looking for luxury in every aspect of his/her life and wants the best of class in each category.

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Consumer Behaviour: Who is coming to my store?

Decoding the buyer: (clockwise from top, left) Kalyani Saha Chawla of Christian Dior Couture; Charu Sachdev of Kitsch ; and Sanjay Kapoor of Genesis Luxury | Image Source: Live Mint
Reposted From Live Mint Luxury shopping in India, as in other emerging markets, is finding a new breed of takers who are aware and willing to spend

In 2003, when Louis Vuitton (LV) entered the Indian luxury retail market, it had a pre-existing database of LV loyalists—erstwhile maharajas and their extended families, and well-heeled industrialists who had studied and lived abroad. “Louis Vuitton was the first to come to India because the brand had a history here and the incentive already existed as there was an appreciative market,” says Tikka Shatrujit Singh, adviser to Louis Vuitton.

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4 Inspiring Insights from Antonio Belloni, N°2 at LVMH

L-R: Sonia Prokopec, Antonio Belloni and Jean-Michel Blanquer Photo courtesy of LVMH on LinkedIn
Reposted From: MSc Management ESSEC Edu. One of the qualities that I admire the most of leaders is their ability to inspire people. Antonio Belloni, General Managing Director at Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy, is certainly a leader who demonstrates this feature. His fascinating speech on LVMH, on the luxury business and on today’s globalized world engaged more than 400 ESSEC students who were attending the conference on October 7th, 2015 at ESSEC.  
Here you are 4 inspirational insights that the Italian businessman gave to ESSEC students on that occasion.
#1: “Strategy is the way you surf the wave”
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Radha Chadha: Size and sensibility

Sabyasachi’s store in Mumbai. Photo: Abhijit Bhatlekar/Mint
Reposted From Live Mint   The Sabyasachi store in New Delhi is packed with brides-to-be. It is standing-room only with eager family members scouring the racks for the perfect lehnga for their princess’ special day. The two changing rooms at the end of the store are constantly occupied, and every few minutes a beautiful girl emerges, kitted out in one exquisite piece after another, standing apprehensively in front of the mirror, a trial bride reviewing her new status. Onlookers gasp. Shop assistants hover around, helping drape the chunni on her head, the final step in the transformation.

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From Grasse to Mumbai: Manan Gandhi’s Journey in Perfumes

Image Courtesy:
Reposted From Be it petrichor, the nostalgic scent accompanying first rains, the aroma of brewing masala chai, or the fragrance of a flower, one tends to associate scents with memories. In a chat, Manan Gandhi, founder of Bombay Perfumery—a Mumbai-based fragrance house—traces his journey from Grasse to the city of dreams, while speaking of creating fragrances that capture the local essence of Indian cities. Image Courtesy: Gandhi was organically driven to a career in fragrances as his family has been in the industry for 35 years. With a front-row view of how the supply chain in the perfume industry... Read More

Ganjam – Rediscovering Heritage

Image Source: Luxury Facts
Reposted from Luxury Facts A 125-year old Indian jewellery brand, Ganjam opens our eyes to the country's rich heritage, which they have been preserving and promoting continuously. Old Indian dynasties and Maharajas knew what opulent jewellery means. Creations made under their reign are celebrated till today. Indian jewellery is not just putting together of gems and metals. Each curve and wave has a meaning and the designs have immense symbolism hidden under them. Each part of India has a different design, art and craft of making jewellery. One of the most celebrated and awed at is Carnatic jewellery, or jewellery inspired by... Read More

Leveraging India’s Design Heritage

Image Courtesy: Luxury Next
Reposted from Luxury Next Indian architect Bijoy Jain designs Melbourne’s MPavilion, an annual high-profile design event staged at Queen Victoria Gardens. Every autumn, design behemoths and emerging talent come together in Melbourne for MPavilion, to think, strategise and network. This year is special for India. Studio Mumbai, run by avant-garde architect and designer Bijoy Jain has been tasked with the crucial job of designing MPavilion, a temporary pavilion for the Queen Victoria Gardens, in the center of Melbourne’s Southbank Arts Precincts. Initiated by the Naomi Milgrom Foundation with support from City of Melbourne and the Victorian State Government, every year for four... Read More

Trunk it up

(Left to right) Priyank, Paritosh and Livio of Trunks Company, Jaipur | Image Courtesy: Business Today
Reposted from Business Today Once synonymous with the Maharajahs and European elite, bespoke trunks are making a comeback as contemporary art and utility statements. Sheikha Hessa Al-Thani, of the royal family of Qatar, visited India last year, and she took some unlikely items with her back home. Trunks. And eight of those. During her stay at one of India's finest palace-turned-luxury hotels, Rambagh Palace in Jaipur, some objects caught her eye. Gelling with the unmistakable sense of history that transcends time, a couple of trunks were placed in the pristine white marble lobby of the hotel. Placed next to them was a stack... Read More

Indian Luxury Brands Go Beyond Borders

Janavi cashmere, stocked in Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue & Brown’s. Image Source:
Reposted from Sanjana Chauhan, founder of LuxuryNext, believes traditional craftsmanship & contemporary aesthetics are pushing Indian luxury brands into the international spotlight We all talk about international luxury brands entering the Indian market and their strategies for the country. Interestingly, many Indian luxury brands have, in the past few years, slowly and steadily captured international markets with their superior product offering, innovation and creative marketing strategies. Through the years, they have developed into strong brand names that are internationally recognised, for example Forest Essentials and Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces. In 2008, Estée Lauder purchased a minority stake in Forest Essentials,... Read More

Why is Handcraft a luxury in India?

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Celebrate the brilliance of handmade, a craft that now spells luxury, say Avril-Ann Bragazna and Rama Sreekant.

Patan Patolas, Jamdanis, Benaras weaves, Jamawar shawls and more…these are not merely weaves, they are the works of masters. Celebrating everything that is handmade and crafted in India provides a platform for building a lasting bond between the consumers and craftsmen.

Spirit of Creativity

What makes these handcrafted marvels, a luxury? “Today time is the ultimate luxury. Handcrafting takes time, and the use of increasingly endangered skills.When something is lovingly handmade for personal use, the process is... Read More

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