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Ajrakh prints and handwoven fabrics in natural dyes from artisan clusters across India are now part of indie fashion labels abroad

Don’t be surprised to spot Ajrakh, one of the oldest block printing techniques in the world, on your next shopping jaunt in the US or the UK. Thanks to a number of independent ethical brands, the printed red-blue-black fabrics from Gujarat, handloom weaves from Varanasi, and Goan natural dyes are finding a place in global fashion. Rachel Bracken Singh, Design Director - Anokhi, who also co-founded the Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing in... Read More

Sustainable textile innovations: lotus fibres

Image source: Fashion United
Reposted from: Fashion United In view of resources dwindling fast and natural fibres like cotton being resource-intensive to process and petroleum-based fibres like acrylic, polyester, nylon and spandex not being the most environmentally friendly, it is about time to look for sustainable alternatives when producing fibres and fabrics. In a new series, FashionUnited will explore the sustainable alternatives and textile innovations that are currently being pursued all over the world. The good news is, there are many alternatives out there and though not all may be suitable for large-scale production, the versatility of natural materials is just mind boggling. Thus, the... Read More

Pretty sarees, poor weavers: The fight to revive India’s looms

Women Weave exhibition in Delhi, India (WION) | Image Source: WION
Reposted From: WION Sally Holkar can easily pass off as a regular fashionable lady of foreign descent but chat with her about textiles and her eyes glint with enthusiasm and passionate love. Clad in matching separates of blouse, pants and overall jacket in the hues of blue and indigo, Sally Holkar paints a picture of a lady who loves her job and is serious about it. I interview her at The Lodhi in Delhi, where she returns every year with an annual exhibition-cum-sale of handwoven Khadi products from Women Weave. Women Weave is a charitable trust founded in 2003 by Sally which... Read More


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Rubeina Karachiwalla, founder of Ruby’s Organics, talks to us about the making of her brand, struggles of a first-time entrepreneur, and the idea of healthy cosmetics
 India’s beauty, cosmetic and grooming market is currently valued at 6.5 billion dollars and is estimated to reach 20 billion by 2025. The industry is ever-expanding with international and homegrown brands launching innovative products almost every day. While we may be spoilt for choice, it is also important to regularly evaluate the cosmetics we use, and consider swapping out the chemicals for something that’s a little more eco-minded.
Looking... Read More

Meet the Desi Artisans Whose Contemporary Take on Traditional Indian Arts Is Winning Over London

Reposted from: The Better India Combine western funk with eastern artistry and you have Funky Kalakar! With the invasion of mass production in practically everything we buy, traditional practices of Indian artisans and craftsmen, passed down through generations, are gradually fading away with little to no scope for a sustainable future. An up and coming brand, Funky Kalakar brings the best of East and West together and offers a platform to showcase the country’s rich crafts tradition.

Founder Amey Alshi, who comes from a family engaged in a saree business in Maharashtra, always wanted to start his own enterprise but was unsure of... Read More

How a quiet minimalist revolution is taking place in India’s fashion scenario

Their scarves are refined and versatile, symbolic of both India’s textile ancestry and globally connected present. This is India without the ethnic. | Image Source: The Economic Times
Reposted from:The Economic Times In the spring of 2016, Trisha Khanna travelled from Delhi to Phulia village in West Bengal, where the 27-year-old spent several days developing custom jamdani weaves for her brand of luxury scarves, Meesha. Founded by her sister Meesha Khanna in 2011, their collection uses ultra-fine wool, cashmere and pure silk sourced from Kashmir and other parts of India, woven in Punjab or West Bengal, shown at Paris Fashion Week, and sold through 90 stores worldwide including Le Bon Marche in Paris, Bloomingdales, Harvey Nichols, Isetan and Mitsukoshi in Tokyo, and Saks Fifth Avenue. “This... Read More

Truss me, it’s bamboo!

Sandeep Sangaru of Sangaru Design Studio talks about his bamboo furniture collection and his other interests, finds out Nisha Shukla
Reposted fro: iDecorma Magazine Image Source: iDecorama Magazine Multidisciplinary designer Sandeep Sangaru’s passion for design was a latent one. It was while pursuing his post-graduation in Industrial Designing from the National Institute of Design (NID) Ahmedabad; Sangaru discovered the infinite possibilities and opportunity the field had to offer, which helped him to find himself. Despite of having a background in Mechanical Engineering, the practice of furniture designing came naturally to him and it has also helped to establish himself in different roles such as the maker, an explorer and the doer. His growing interest in furniture designing not only widened his... Read More


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With several speciality restaurants choosing to grow their own produce, hyperlocal sourcing is becoming increasingly popular in India….

It all started with an American lady wanting a decent cup of café au lait in California. Along with good coffee, Alice Waters, who had returned to her homeland after studying in France in 1965, craved the fresh baguettes and apricot jam she had grown to love in Paris. As these simple treats were nowhere to be found in the land of frozen food that was America then, Waters opened Chez Panisse in 1971 “to serve great... Read More


Rahul Mishra | Image source: Verve Magazine
Reposted from: Verve Magazine His penchant for sustainability has earned him the respect of his peers in the industry… It’s been a decade since Rahul Mishra first brought the Gandhian philosophy of a self-sufficient economy to life on the runway. Now with his latest collection Infinity — where he puts his own spin on post-impressionist paintings — and with his reputation for impeccable craftsmanship, he continues to innovate every season. Hailed by some as one of the most creative savants in India, Mishra has set out to achieve what few designers promise to and fewer deliver — build a fashion empire... Read More

How a Former CA Started a Vegan Footwear Brand to Offer Indians a Viable Alternative to Leather

Image source: The Better India
Reposted from: The Better India  “I am an animal lover.” Devika Srimal Bapna begins talking with the simplest statement of purpose behind her brand Kanabis. Her enduring affection for all things four-legged and her tryst as a PETA volunteer led this Delhi resident towards a more conscious lifestyle. She mostly succeeded, except when it came to her footwear. “I couldn’t find an alternative to leather,” says Devika. “I lived in London, and leather was often the only option in the cold. When I came back to India, I noticed a serious gap in the market. There were big brands that manufactured... Read More

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