Mera wala blue: investigating the history of indigo

Indigo tells a tale of perseverance—of the very few of men and women, who still produce it by hand, from plant to product.
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Asian Paints Colour Journey documentary unravels the mysterious story of indigo, from leaf to fabric

Image source: Architectural Design From Kutch to Kumaon to Auroville, Asian Paints’ latest edition of Colour Journey documentary series—In Search of Indigo—introduces you to the places and faces behind one of the most vibrant hues known to mankind. Deep in a vat built few metres underground, the dark hue froths, foams and ferments. Inside its cavernous bottom, lies a colour. And a story as old as time itself. Indigo traces its roots way back to the Indus Valley Civilization, which cradled the... Read More

An Indian designer is turning humble handwoven textiles into museum-worthy works of art

Image source: India modern. (Raw Mango)
Reposted from: Quartz This month, New York City’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) launched an exhibition dedicated to what its curators describe as influential garments and accessories from around the world. Alongside items such as Levis 501 jeans, Repetto ballet flats, a Hijab, and a Kente textile from Ghana, is a sari made by Raw Mango, the Indian contemporary textiles brand founded by designer Sanjay Garg. Since its launch in 2008, Raw Mango has developed a bit of a cult following across India with its unconventional handwoven saris and textiles that feature quirky... Read More

The India watch story

The Hindu
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From maharajas fascinated with pocket watches to homegrown watch brands attempting to take on the Swiss, we look at what’s keeping time in the country

Walking the carpeted halls of India’s first watch factory in Bengaluru, I can’t help but compare it to the A Lange & Sohne manufactory I visited in Dresden, Germany, years ago. There it was all glass, steel and stoic silence, while here it’s noisy and quintessentially Indian — I spot the CNC machine sporting remains of namam from the recently concluded Ayudha Puja. And only here would toothpicks be... Read More

India’s indigenous cheeses have crafted a savoury comeback: Tracing their journey to gourmet stardom

From relative anonymity to occupying starring roles in gourmet cuisine, India's indigenous cheeses have undertaken quite the journey. Seen here: round cakes of smoked Bandel cheese being sold at Rs 8 per piece in New Market (the erstwhile Hogg's Market) in Kolkata.
Reposted from: FirstPost Kashmiri cuisine is well-known for its heady mix of spices, culture and tradition, and the streets of Jammu bear witness to this. Vendors line the roadsides selling their dishes but there’s one in particular that is a must-try — the Kalari kulcha. Few have heard of it, and fewer have tasted it. Not your usual Parmesan or Brie but equally exciting, Kalari is an indigenous Indian cheese made in Kashmir. A large round slice of this cheese is fried or grilled in oil and served between two slices of bread or pao, with various chutneys — and... Read More

Mirror, mirror on the wall

The Rolling Round Light by Case Design.
Reposted from: Live Mint Exceptional talent can steer the constantly evolving world of design into new directions. Four design and fashion editors tell us who they have their eyes set on   Anne Green (left); and Samuel Barclay of Case Design . Greg Foster, editor, Architectural Digest His pick: Case Design “I love how Mumbai-based architects Case Design fuse traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design. Their work is quiet and ultra-sophisticated, with exquisite detailing—they design their own door handles and light switches. Principal architects Samuel Barclay and Anne Green (pictured above) also create furniture and accessories under the name Casegoods, most of which are made... Read More

Wilderness on a plate

Image source: The Hindu
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With the foraging trend having caught on, we now have wild figs from Uttarakhand, Kerala mud crabs and mushrooms from Meghalaya making their way to restaurants like Masque and Meraki

Every time Prateek Sadhu, executive chef at Mumbai-based restaurant Masque, pays the mountains a visit, he returns with close to a 100 kg of sea buckthorn, a modest Himalayan shrub with numerous medicinal benefits. Typically used by locals to construct fences, he converts the plant — also known as the Leh berry — into flavourful concoctions like citrusy-creamy sea buckthorn with black pepper mousse. Since Masque’s... Read More


Image source: Verve Magazine
Reposted from: Verve magazine "Those early years in Odisha with one of the world’s oldest and greatest traditions of ikat weaving changed my life” Easy and effortless, Gunjan Jain’s creations might look too simplistic at first glance but when inspected in detail, they bear the stamp of her painstaking efforts to revive the dying ikat weaves of Odisha. Witnessing her interaction with an award-winning master weaver from Neopatna in Odisha is testimony to her understanding of the passion that these unsung heroes infuse into their art. Extensively working with the single and double ikats of Odisha in the districts of Cuttack, Sambalpur... Read More

Kama Ayurveda: A retail concept that touches the Indian roots

Kama Ayurveda was launched with a small line of nine products that were Ayurvedic oils and powders
Reposted from: India Retailing Understanding the gap in the market for authentic Ayurveda beauty and wellness products, Co-Founder and CEO of , launched the brand along with three partners in 2002. The brand, which started with a small line of just nine products, has today become a name to reckon with. has 23 stores in India apart from a strong e-commerce presence. Their product range comprises of seven... Read More


Image source: Verve Magazine
Reposted from: Verve Magazine “I’d like to see less pretension in the fine art world and more value given to skilled craftsmanship” As a child, she devoured stories that she found at her local library. Divia Patel was also fascinated by the physicality of books, how they smelled and felt, as well as the typography and illustrations within them. Born in Kenya but spending most of her life in London, she studied South Asian anthropology and history and is currently senior curator in the Asian department at the V&A. In 2015, she curated The Fabric of India, a landmark show that highlighted... Read More

A Stitch in Time

Exhibits from Sarita Handa’s collection. | Image source: Indian Express
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Textile designer Sarita Handa on completing 25 years in the industry, her plans and why one needs to jot down everything

Grey is the new black for me. It’s very much in vogue,” says Sarita Handa, textile designer, as she shows us around her office space in Gurgaon, which houses her latest collection of furnishings in the very-much-in-vogue grey colour. Dressed in blush pink shirt and white trousers — an attire that is a departure from her favoured saris — Handa is a powerhouse of energy that belies her age. With 25 years as a textile and... Read More

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