India’s luxury market on an impressive growth spree

Image source: Fashion United
Reposted from: Fashion United Burgeoning aspirational and younger middle class and growing sense of ‘brand-consciousness’ are driving growth of luxury sector in India. Moreover, increased Internet penetration has also contributed to this consumer behaviour, allowing consumers to search and satisfy their desire to own and possess designer brands. Taken together, these factors will help India’s luxury sector grow by about 30 to 35 per cent over the next three years – across categories such as fine dining, electronics, luxury travel, luxury personal care, fashion, and jewellery.

Investing makes sense

India’s share of the global luxury market is presently 1 to 2 per... Read More

Selfridges & Co. Introduces Emerging Names In Sustainable Fashion

Tengri premium knits use Mongolian yak fibers and follow fair trade practices.| Photo courtesy of Selfridges & Co.
Reposted from: Forbes Knowing the story behind the pieces you wear plays an integral role in embracing the concept of sustainable luxury. Where were materials sourced? How were they manufactured? And more importantly, what environmental or social issues does each piece of apparel or accessory mean to address? These questions add a new dimension to sustainable fashion and enhances the consumer experience. Putting emphasis on fashion provenance encourages consumers to take on a more active role in helping save the world . It makes the ideals of sustainability not only applicable to a niche market, but also turns... Read More

These entrepreneurs are pushing brand India with their homegrown products

Photo: (from L to R) Organic Raw Cacao from Earth Loaf and Red Mustard, a micro green grown by Krishi Cress. | Image source:
Reposted from: C N Traveller

100% Made in India

Where can you find exotic ingredients like shitake and oyster mushrooms, organic black rice, yak cheese and Dalle chillies from the North East? Usually seen on menus of trendy, locavore restaurants, this prized produce was on sale earlier this month at The Vedic Village resort near Kolkata. The Marketplace is a food symposium’s comprising a farmers market and conference discussing issues important to the food industry in India. The resort which has a reputed ayurvedic spa and strong focus on the natural way of life was the perfect environment to... Read More

Organically Ornamental

MINIMALIST CHIC | Complex in construction yet simple, minimal and easy to wear, the delicately crafted collection, Vertex, from Misho, draws inspiration from geometric forms | Image Source: The Luxe Cafe
Reposted from: The Luxe Cafe Jewellery has connotations of festivity, and it does celebrate beauty, of the wearer and of its own intrinsic design where material and craft collude to signify something to be treasured. Appreciating the art of jewellery, its need to complete an ensemble and turning to look at the contemporary scenario, we have handpicked some indie brands which are offering some statement pieces redefining jewellery When you are looking at your day’s attire, laid out, perfectly matched and still missing something, you wonder what it could be? And without a blink of an eyelid it comes to you,... Read More

India bags International Fashion Showcase Country Award

Kaleekal by Alan Alexander Kaleekal | Image source:
Reposted The country’s most promising designers created an award-winning sustainable fashion exhibition Ragini Ahuja, Ikai | Image source: Ujjawal Dubey, Antar-Agni | Image source: Priyanka Ella Lorena Lama, PELLA | Image source: Karishma Shahani Khan, | Image source: Vogue.inIndia’s debut at the International Fashion Showcase (IFS) was a victorious one. Every year during London Fashion Week, IFS celebrates emerging talent from across the world through a series of specially-commissioned and curated fashion installations. This year, in association with Lakmé Fashion Week and IMG Reliance, five emerging designers—Ujjawal Dubey of Antar-Agni, Ragini Ahuja of Ikai, Karishma... Read More

Phulkari for a Cause: Meet Kanika Goyal, the Designer Who Uses Phulkari in Western Wear

Image Source: Vagabomb
Reposted from: Vagabomb Indo-western clothing is not a new concept anymore, with silhouettes combining jeans, kurtas, jackets, dupattas and a mix of other items, to create hybrid garments which are all over the market. However, even when it comes to high fashion, there are very few designers who create western, contemporary clothing using Indian techniques without falling into the category of "ethnic." Kanika Goyal is one such person. Famous for her sporty, clean silhouettes, she is responsible for reinterpreting Punjab's traditional phulkari form of embroidery, and using it in her very western outfits. This unique combination, she told... Read More

Get involved this Earth Hour

Image Source: Breathe Magazine Australia
Reposted from: Breathe Magazine Australia 2017 marks a special year for Earth Hour as it will be 10 years since the lights off event first launched. An idea born in Australia when millions of people and thousands of businesses first switched off to make a statement about climate change, Earth Hour has grown to become a global phenomenon with over 172 countries participating, and 7000 cities and towns worldwide. Our actions on climate change will shape the future for our children. They know more about climate change than any other generation. And they have extraordinary views on what they want for... Read More


Image Courtesy: Verve | Raw Mango
Reposted from: Verve  From Madhya Pradesh to the runways, we investigate why the fabric has captured the imagination of so many Few tourists pass through the town of Chanderi, in spite of its 272 monuments. The simplest route to this remote hamlet is to alight at the nearest train station, Lalitpur, and drive 37 unwieldy kilometres from Uttar Pradesh into Madhya Pradesh. With roughly 30,000 inhabitants and a loom in almost every home (4,352 to be exact), unbeknownst to many, it is one of the most organised textile clusters in the country. Image Courtesy: Verve |
1st Image: Divyam Mehta
2nd... Read More

Sri Lankan Fashion Brands That Are Committed To Social Impact

Image courtesy: Rice & Carry
Reposted from: Roar Life Fast fashion is tempting, and we are all guilty. This is especially true when your favourite high street brand starts selling clothes and accessories that are almost identical to your favourite designer’s latest collection (not a coincidence, by the way). Starting at jaw-droppingly low prices, we tend to think little before grabbing them off the racks. But what is not exactly hidden information to us is that the fashion industry has been killing our environment, as poorer societies of the world, for many years now. Many high-street and designer brands still have their clothes made in factories with... Read More

London-based designer Alice Cicolini takes the Indian art of meenakari to global heights

Image Courtesy: Architectural Digest
Reposted from: Architectural Digest

An age-old Indian tradition gets a new lease of life in Alice Cicolini’s jewellery designs

  For the past eight years, the dying meenakari practice of traditional Jaipuri artists has been getting a global contemporary platform, one of which immortalizes their art on candy-coloured rings and pendants, courtesy London-based jewellery designer Alice Cicolini. The Central Saint Martins graduate is in collaboration with Kamal Meenakar, a master craftsman in Jaipur, who incorporates Cicolini’s designs, exotic shapes and motifs through an age-old Persian enamelling process called meenakari. Inspired by the religious architecture found along the Old Silk Route, Cicolini’s designs... Read More

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